woensdag 4 maart 2015

Yesterday's Haul: a Goblin... and a heap of Marvel cards

Yesterday, the mailman stood by my door with some goodies from exchanges through both Miniature Trading and Trade Cards Online.

Though nothing really THAT spectacular perhaps, these are some nice little thingies for my Geeky collection.

The first, and easiest exchange, was the one through MTO.  I exchanged a series 13 Alien Trooper for a series 13 Goblin.  I like the little vicious looking guys, and since I build in fantasy anyways, the alien guy hadn`t had much going for him anyways, so he is of to sunnier Spain... which probably was to hot for damp cavern loving Goblins anyways.

The other parcel was, well, a little more work.  

I exchanged `some` cards with Brendan, a guy i have been exchanging cards with through TCO for like 3 years now.  I play Magic in mostly drafts and Standard, and don`t look back at the cards once they rotate out.  He collects all series and goes for full playsets where able.

He has a great collection of rarer to find overhere series though, living near that mekka of geekiness across the Atlantic ocean.

So we did another trade, 120 cards of Magic for 120 cards of Marvel OverPower, drawing mostly from the original base set and the first expansion, PowerSurge.  Now, considering we are talking 1 rare, 23 uncommons and for the rest commons each on a one by one basis, one can imagine I was digging through my boxes for almost all afternoon to prepare his parcel.

Yet, in the end, and considering the rare Magic card was an Archmage Ascension, not that sort of top resale or trade value card, I sometimes feel I come out on top on these sorts of exchanges, as OP isn`t easy to find, especially not overhere... 

But it is a set with cool art, it brings back a LOT of youth memories (I actually played this game MORE with my friends then Magic when I was around 14... go figure the popularity of M:tG back then...), it`s a nice set to collect on the off hand and with a decent rate of success, AND I found a way to channel away all those boxes of commons and uncommons a card at a time...

Roight, time to sort out some more stuff, as I got another exchange in negotiating, which should yield me another heap of the OverPower cards...

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