vrijdag 27 maart 2015

New StarCom models for the collection

Another trip to Vinnie, another set of vessels for the collection...

They both where already `under negotiation` the first time, but he parted with them in the end.  I`ll give him my CW Powerglide as a gift and a token of appreciation for these, so he will be one step closer to his completed Superion.

The F1400 Starwolf and it`s Shadow Empire counterpart, the Parasite, are the two mainstay one man fighters of the series.

The Starwolf folds up to cargo pod size, to be carried for example in the back of a StarMax or on top using his magnalock.  It then folds open the nose and wings using power deploy.

The Parasite can sit on the wings of a Shadowbat, while the power deploy opens it`s guns, extends it`s engines and folds open his wingtips.

They are just so awesome, and another big step towards the fully completed range!

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