zaterdag 7 maart 2015

Today`s Flea Market catch: Lego Creationary

This is a gamble, I admit.  It can cause the Smurf, with his mild autism form, to either flip out... or have a good time.

See, I went to a nearby flea market in the Valaarhof at Wilrijk, as well, those kind of garage sales and flea markets have always been something I like to do, as you never know what treasure you`ll might be unearthing.

And then I came across this game by Lego.  It is basically Pictionary, but then with Lego bricks, so instead of drawing something, you need to build it.

The box has 300+ pieces, and after checking them it is complete.  There are also 96 cards that give you your instructions on what you need to build, and they where also present.

The lady asked 7 euros for it, but I managed to haggle it down to 5, so even if he doesn`t like playing the game, I still have a nice price per piece ratio on the bricks (which include a nice selection of tans, browns and greens to boot).

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