zaterdag 7 maart 2015

The Plan episode 53

Well, it`s a bit of a mixed cookie as I`m writing this down, because truth to be told... I ain`t gaming a lot recently.

I just don`t have the time in between all the things one has to do... which oddly enough should be a rather calm period considering the smashed knee.

But never the less, I`ve been gaming a little bit, mostly on various sorts of Facebook games and a very small amount of Lego Minifigures Online.

That last one did get me an additional Legend raised model, with the Skydiver obtaining his 7th ability unlocked... but that is about it to be honest.  I just can`t get myself motivated lately to do much on any sort of platform.

I mean, the only other news is that the competition season in top 11 ended today, and I promote a level to 3, but my team will be struggling hard to repeat that for the third time in a row, as they would need a LOT of extra progress to get furthered.

And in Marvel Avengers I recruited Rogue... but as I said, that is about generally it for the past fortnight...

Yup, pretty pathetic, but that also means on the flip side, I have managed to get a lot of geeky paperwork thingies done, including a plan to start a YouTube channel...

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