zondag 1 maart 2015

A Large Toy haul of He-man, GI Joe and... some more

Well, today I went to Kontich to collect a lot of older toys through a guy I got to know at a local website forum about, well, toys of course.
Now, when he showed me the picture of what he wanted to part with, their was one thing that immediatly caught my eye, and that was... the MASK Manta.

This purple Nissan only was released in wave 3 of the toy line, though it first appeared in the cartoons right from the start and it`s driver, Vanessa Warfield was, apart from my boyhood crush, also one of the main baddies of VENOM.

And she had WAY more screen time then her MASK counterpart Gloria, who never even made it into an action figure...

But as I did fear, and considering it`s age, the front spring is straining, requiring the launcher to get a little nub to go to plane, and as is often the case with vintage MASK, her helmet, Whip, is missing.  But that isn`t to bad, I can probably get one online and the Manta can go in the collection.

As an additional bonus, the lot also included a Matt Tracker WITH helmet from the old Thunderbird.

So that is the part I can actually use for my own collection...

Now, the nominal value of the whole lot, including the gem of a Manta, is 135 USD, which is a fari price, and I should be able to trade them around for other items that will go into my collection for above that.  Because this is all the other great stuff found in the two large plastic boxes:

No less then 28 GI Joe action figures, though most are missing their accessories, I should be able to trade them at around 1 to 2 USD each in value.

But there where also `some` vehicles, in various states, in the boxes.  These 9 armoured machines should easily enable me to trade them for a HARV or a RAT from StarCom, or god hopes a Volcano from MASK in value, so I`ll be hauling them around between 5 USD for the stripped down Stinger to around 50 for the Battlewagon.

The second bigger lot of figures in this was a couple of Masters of the Universe figures, all weaponless but in pretty good condition for the rest.  At around 2 USD a model, this should net me up to 20 dollars, and then there is the in very good condition Road Ripper vehicle to calculate in as well.

Finally, these 5 loose figures where in there as well, with 3 A-Team figures and 2 classic ThunderCats, whom I`ll be happy if they bring in about 3 USD each. 

Oh, and as seen in the vehicle picture, there was also that Crash Test Dummies set with box...

All in all, IF I manage to get them all flipped around, I am aiming for around 230 USD, which would grant me a healthy 95 USD budget for the collection, AND that is while still having the Manta as well...

Talking about MASK, check back later today, because I`ll be off in an hour or two to pick up an awesomely preserved copy of one of the models!

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  1. Pretty sure my mom got rid of all of our He-Man, Gi Joe, and Mask stuff a long time ago. She does still have at her place sizable Star Wars, Transformers, and Star Comm toys. Plus two or three copier paper boxes of legos.

  2. When I wrote that I did not even realize you were looking for StarCom stuff. Our stuff was well loved and not for sale since I thought it was to cool and is now waiting to be played with by the next generation. I am pretty sure that we have:

    Battlecrane, Starwolf, HARV7, Laser RAT, Rail Gun, Shadow Invader, Shadow Parasite, Shadow Raider, Shadow Bat, Starmax Bomber, Starbase Station, and Shadow Vampire.

    I am going over to my mom's tomorrow so maybe I will have to grab a few pictures.

  3. Well, always willing to have a talk about them ;-)

    I had that frustrating day in way yesterday that no less then 2 of my friends owned it and MASK... and tossed it out less then 3 years max ago aaarghh hehe