dinsdag 10 maart 2015

Transformers Micromasters

Remember these little guys I showed off yesterday as part of my haul?  Taken along for pure nostalgia reasons, as I had them in my own Transformers collection 25 years ago, I thought `what the heck, they are small and don`t take any serious shelfspace`...

As the day passed, it all went downhill from that thought though... as I was shifting toys around this afternoon and reconned I could clear out a bit of space for `just some more`.

That bit of shelf space has evolved into a full shelf... and the few more into trying to get them all together again.

Damn you Vincent, damn you!

Now, the benefit for this is that they weren`t that popular due to their small size and simple transformations, so they tend to be obtainable online for about 2 to 3 dollars each if you look around a bit.  The benefit of (re)collecting 20 to 30 years old toys is that it doesn`t matter if it goes slow and steady after all.

I was still in doubt about going for the actual bases sets and such, but heck, I bit the bullet and the little guys are getting their own sweet little spot in one of the display cabinets.  I will make them fit somewhere somehow.

Now to just try and resist to get outside the box of that and grab some bigger ones... which is always the danger with your average geek when he gets to see new toys...

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