woensdag 18 maart 2015

Building the Fast Car

Another small build report today as I`m trying to catch up on the immense backlog still, this time we turn our attention to another one of the cheap polybags from the Creator Line.

Like the plane we did earlier this week, set 30187, labelled `Fast Car`, is a small polybag set that can easily be picked up at one or two euros if you look around a little and dare ask the store rep for a discount if you took them all along.

Opening the bag, you get a load of mainly black and red pieces with this set.

Based on a 2by6 plate, the chassis is laid down upon which we will be building the bodywork of the car.

It uses a small SNOT technique for the backside of the car, with it`s tailpipes to race along the roads.

The front is attached by a hinged plate, as we start layering up the bodywork further.

Adding the glass canopy and the spoiler, the set is already completed.

Like most polybags, this is a very simple build and mainly suited for the pieces alone.  Though on that department, I rate the plane higher as it has dark blues, while here you have the far more common black as main colour to accompany the red ones.

You do however get a nice selection of left overs again...

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