zondag 8 maart 2015

Hauling from Vincent`s

Today I had something of a mixed plan.  My mate Vincent, with whom I go back since my pen and paper role playing days, had asked me to come and look at the toys he had still stored over at his mom`s place.

The thing is, he wants to sell a lot of them to make room and funds to add some more Takara Masterpieces to his already mightily impressive Transformers collection, but he lacks time, knowledge and motivation to do so.

So I volunteered to help him out and search through his stuff, check prices, the whole shabang.  He also wants to part with a lot of used, complete Lego, including the old pirate ships from the 1991 line, but that is a story for another day as we`re going to make sure they are all complete and such, before he puts them out for sale, something I`ll be helping him with as well when the time comes.

The bonus is, he also has a LOT of Starcom, so my goal today was to 1. get the StarCom for my collection and 2. see if we can help him make a dollar left or right.

Now, his toys are mostly still in great shape, and though some have issues left or right, the overal condition is just darn awesome.

So where to start?  Well, let`s start with the StarCom, and even though he didn`t want to part (yet) with the Shadow Parasite and the Star Wolf, I did manage to get myself a very lovely lot for my own collection.

The first one is the Shadow Vampire, which I basically got for free.  It misses his pilot, and one of the guns, but heck, those I can hopefully come by some day on eBay or the likes.

The Battle Crane is complete, and fully operational.  These little pod lifting vehicles are basically the work force of StarCom, and it is always nice to have one of those.

He also had 4 of the Pod bays, namely the Command Post, Medical Bay and Vehicle repair in very good condition, and the Laser Artillery whom unfortunatly has it`s front flap bended, but if I place it `locking` behind another vehicle, I can position it deployed and just fine.

The Skyroller was one of the later vehicles, that raises itself into the heights to make place for Pods and troops placement.

But of course, I did get some of the uberclassics from the series.  The first is the HARV7, an armoured transport truck.

But the second was one I was willing to go far on for obtaining it, having always been one of the favorite toys of the line in my youth: the LaserRAT.  I just love this little assault buggy, and it`s mechanics are still excellent.

The final vehicle I obtained was the Shadow Raider, a nifty little truck, but sans driver though.

I also got some characters from the line, though I doubt I have every weapon.  Pfc John `Cowboy` Jefferson, Pfc Rusty Caldwell, Cpl Slash, General Von Dar, Agon-6 and Cpl Storn now adore my ranks.

But the real cool stuff?  This old catalogue, in nearly mint condition.  I love it so much, I even put it in a frame and hung it up, adoring it.  Really appreciated mate...

I also picked up these two Transformer Micromasters, Tote and Mudslinger, because, well, like I said I love the smaller action figure sizes and I think they are pretty cool little robots.

The final thing I picked up for my own collection is this Go-Bot, Tux.  Pure out of nostalgia, I loved this limo turning into stove hat wearing robot.

So that was the haul for my personal collection, and it put me down for about 130 euros, BUT it did help sweeten the next part:

The Dig Haul

See all those bags at the beginning?  That is what I managed to pick up, amongst other things, to try and trade around to compensate for the StarCom in large.

Now, I still have a LOT to check, but as you can see it has no less then 5 boxes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles amongst them.  A first quick headcount gave me around 20 of them, so even though I hope I could get 5 USD each for them... there is a lot more.  A dozen or so GI Joe`s, another dozen Go-Bots, both together should also bring in about 30 USD.

Then there are the BIG things, like the GI Joe `watergun plane`, a Turtle Copter, but also the still with box Turtle bike.  Considering the box is the UK version, this should add a bit of value, and I think I can make around 20 USD for that one, and about 10 to 15 for the other vehicles.

But the final gem I saved for last: 3 mint condition, still prefectly transforming, stiff jointed Meteorbs, whom should be making me about 10 dollars each.

What did I pay for all this?  Well, he asked 50 euro as an example for the Turtles, so I did him an offer of 200 together with all the StarCom, and got all the rest included for the 20 euro.

So all in all, this lot should be able to get me around 200 USD for this lot, making me get back the investment for the StarCom to boot and break even in the end.

So now, I need to get to puzzle and sort it all out hehe!  And now, I just need to talk to his GF for just something other `small` ;-)

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  1. Nice haul. I posted some shots of my star com stuff:


  2. Your ships and things are in gorgeous condition, if you ever want to part with some of them please drop me a line :-)