donderdag 19 maart 2015

Combiner Wars Powerglide

Okay, so I bought my first `new` Transformer from the local Bart Smit toystore earlier this week.  The reason is simple: Superion.

Yeah, I always loved the g1 Aerialbots combiner, actually back in the days he was the only one I actually had completed.

Now, what is Powerglide doing with them???  Well, according to the `comic lore`, Sligshot got to badly damaged to be repaired, and Alpha Bravo (the chopper limb from the new wave of Aerialbots) stepped in as a replacement in the gestalt, while Powerglide volunteered to become the big guys weapon.

He is as such the smallest of the 6 members now of the Aerialbots, and retails here at 15.99 euro.  All plastic, he is great in poseability, as you can see here on the picture (yeah, I had some fun with him on my Lego Avengers Helicarrier).

Powerglide still has his original cartoon looks and transformation, still being a red `Rattler` attack plane, unlike some of the more recent ones having had an upgrade (mostly the Aerialbot enemies though, the Stunticons) in alt modes.

Now, one of the woes I often hear, is how the new generation transformers don`t do justice to their G1 contemporaries.  In Powerglide`s case, let the following picture say more then a 1000 rants:

But as new member of the Aerialbots, as said, his job is to become the big boomstick for Superion, a transformation that starts from his airplane mode and basically lowers his engines and flips up his arms, while his, excuse the term, `buttplate` becomes the targetting visor.  No idea personally how he will look on the big fella, as I haven`t have him in my hands... yet.
His transformations aren`t to complicated, but I must say I really like the model.  He has for me about the right size for an action figure toy, he is stable to pose on a shelf, and isn`t insanely expensive.

A good buy, even if you don`t want to build the gestalt.

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