donderdag 26 maart 2015

Building the Cavalry

Perhaps one, if not the, most intresting army builder sets of the past few years, has to be the Lone Ranger one.

Set 79106 gives you a cowboy, but more imporantly 3 `Union` soldiers for any ACW project you might have running, a cannon and a horse.

Okay, and some bricks to make a small build, as we`ll see here.

Opening the small box, you get two bags of parts and said horse.

The first accessory that we`ll build is the campfire, complete with a piece of grilled chicken.

The second build is the cannon.  Even though it is the same main body as, well, forever, this one has a gorgeously build up wheeled set underneath.

The third small thing coming with the set is the walled enclosure for placing the gun behind.

Nothing spectacular, but in handy colours...

And the full set completed:

With of course it`s additional parts.

Like I said, on a `build` level, there is barely anything to it, but on a `minifig` level, this little box, coupled to the fact the line wasn`t that big a success over here and allowing you to pick these boxes up around 7 euro currently, make it a real winner.

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