woensdag 4 maart 2015

Re-Opening the Vault

Oh no, a Vault!  Better upgrade those security systems before the Black Cat is trying to raid it!!!!

As some might have noticed, there have been some fresh additions to the tab bar near the top of this little blog.

MASK and StarCom... and these are essentially split out pages of what used to be `The Vault` that was on the blog in the early days.

Now, the Vault was virtually the `core business` of this blog, namely a place to display my cool things in the collection, though back then, it was wargame figures.  Now, before you want to pull out your cheque books, that is actually MY collection, not for sale, not for trade, but the things I drool over on a daily basis AND that are hard to find nowadays.

With myself having made the decision to really go at it and recollect those lost ranges from my childhood, and from all those ranges I`m aiming for the ones I loved most, MASK and StarCom.  I have something with smaller sized action figures I think...

Now, the way I am planning on doing this, is by adding the compiled checklists, and then fill in the blanks with the sets I got and picture them.  Yes, I know, I only recently started this again, and I know I have *some* things still *somewhere*, but I first need to find and if needed complete them (I fear for visors, for helmets, missiles... those sort of things) before I`ll be adding them there.

But in the end, like this page calls itself afterall in italian... it is all about `undigging old treasures`...

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