maandag 13 april 2015

A Knights Tale in Cabrieres

Just got back last night from a trip to the south of France, the region of Montpellier / Clermont L`Herault.  

And for this little excursion with the family I brought along an additional travelling companion... my SigFig.

Going there by plane from sunday to sunday, we would be joining the Smurf together with the parents in law and the GF`s sister, husband and 3 kids who had all driven there.  Various excursions have been planned, and a lot of eating and resting had been included.  And of course, I kept my eye open for any nice Lego finds...

And so it came to be that off we went to the Charleroi airport...

Waiting in the hall, we are checking in and grabbing the plane...

... with the luggage checker raising a few eyebrows when this passed by him.

All aboard, as we fly to France

Touchdown, as the sun starts setting in the city of Montpellier.

The house came with a pretty nice view and surroundings, I even climbed the hill behind it to take some pictures.

The Cirque de Moureze.  This was pretty cool, all kinds of naturally formed rock formation and walking trails... something I largely had to pass by though with my leg problems.

So I just opted for a drink at a nearby bar instead.

The old church at Clermont L`Herault, mighty impressive building

Market Day at Clermont, count me in!

And also the ONLY steamed milk capuccino I found in the whole region, all others serving up that whipped cream abhorration

Of course, no trip to the south is complete without the sea...

... some other nice views...

... and some great dining. 

And as we stare over the water, the holiday slowly came to an end.

Oh, and Lego loot?  Forget it, it`s costing and arm and a leg and then some over there.  In the local supermarket`s, the Chima tribal packs, here around 9 euro, cost 13 euro a set... but it got even more off the pot at the TAX FREE shop in Montpellier airport, where they charged no less then... 17!!!! euro for such a small set.

This has been the first vacation in years I`ve returned brickless...

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