maandag 27 april 2015

Antwerp Convention 2015 report

Another year, another Antwerp Convention... but my first year as a participant instead of a visitor.

Joining the BeLUG team on their first venture at the convention, I left early.. very early (we where there at 5.30... only to be allowed in at 6.15, and after some mishmashes with tables we could set up at 7...) for a day of displaying Lego builds.

My moderate contribution, as I took along both Lord of the Rings plates, as well as the Civil War vignette and a new one I finished just the evening before.  I`ll feature that one in it`s own moment de gloire one of these days.

Now, with over 10.000 attendees, it was a very busy affair, and I was glad we where in the entrance hall instead of the overcrowded main halls. 

The usual mixture of the convention was present, with a heap of traders


... very cool cosplayers...

Videogames, including Gundam Next.

And of course recreations.

The wrestling ring was present as well.

Now, I only managed to do a walk about around 1700hrs, when it finally all started settling down a bit.

And at 19.00 we where packing up again and going off after a very, very exhausting day!  next year again for sure... but with an hour more of sleep at least.

The Loot:

Believe it or not... NOTHING!

Okay, I did get two MASK vehicles that need a piece to be added left or right, and a complete StarCom figure, but these where from trades made before with Danny and it was just handier to bring them along to the convention.  But I didn`t buy a single (non-food) thing at all all day.

I DID get another brick though for my badge...

... and an invitation to go to Starcom, a new convention in Ghent, the 5th of July with BeLUG.  And unless something serious comes along, I`m going there.

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