vrijdag 3 april 2015

Gundam Build Try Fighters

The sequel to the Gundam Build series from last year, Try Fighters handles the same premisis.

Kids and adults alike build GunPla models and with them, they battle it out on a virtual battle field that brings their models to live.

Now, surely people will say this is just blatant commercialism to sell toys... but what where all those adhered 80s cartoons then?  I actually like this series a lot, for it features a lot of Gundam battles without the underlying politics and side changings that are usual in the franchise.

It just is a welcome break and zero brainer eye candy entertainment!

This time, the rules have changed and one no longer battles alone, but in teams of three.  Sekai, Yuuma and Hoshino are three young people who for various reasons get to team up, and decide to give it a shot to qualify for the U19 Nationals, which is actually a serious step down from the first series Open World Championships.

Again, the stars are guided by Mr Ral, and he is one of the many cameo appearances, but perhaps the most intriguing one was who the heck the guy is that trained Sekai.

He uses a sort of kenpo centered around a burning fist... yes, I guessed it right, and in the final credits of the final episode, 25, the truth is revealed and it is indeed that all loved Gundam pilot of ages ago

Now, let`s hope another series will appear, though there will be an OVA movie in the future already confirmed.  But now, I`m going to watch another recent Gundam series first in the more traditional style.

But if you like mecha series with epic battling and few brabbling, Build Fighters is definitly for you!

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