donderdag 16 april 2015

The Revelation

Part of my Mitgardia builds for Guilds of Historica, this is the latest one I made, and is part of the `Frozen Beyonders` that have been popping up on Eurobricks lately.  

My contribution to this collab project is the revelation of just what these white walkers exactly are, and what their name is...

The hall was restless, Hagen noted.  A tension hung in the air, a sort of electricity of bad things about to happen or that have happened.

He knew the old sage had requested a gathering, and scanning the hall, he noticed many of his mightiest warriors had gathered today to see what the old man had to say.

For months now, strange attacks have been occuring in the North, but the fancy political struggles in far south Kaliphlim have made it a problem Mitgardia alone will face.  From the frozen lands of the great beyond, mysterious white warriors have been attacking small villages and settlements.  But none of those white clad brigands have been caught so far. 

They seemed to come and go as fleetingly as a snowflake in an icy storm.

Sage Knorr was pouring more herbs into the firepit, when he signalled his assistant to light the fire up.  A thick black smoke started to rise, but then suddenly the fire burst into bright blue flames.  Flames that almost looked as burning tendrils of ice.  The smoke changed colour, and turned to a snowy white, and he was certain the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees as the warriors shifted uneasily as they looked on.

He saw the outlines of a man... no, not a man, a demon.  A demon that looked like it spawned straight from the big glaciers. 

"Behold" Knorr said "our scourge!" 

He had the attention of all gathered, as he continued in his raspy voice.

"They have been sent by our Lord Odin himself, ressurected warriors of a bygone age.  Mighty is their number, and cold is their touch!"

"But why?" Bork Blackbeardson asked.  "Why does Odin send these fiends against us?"

The answer of the old sage send a shiver down Hagen`s spine.

"He wants to test us.  According to the legends, every 7 generations, he sends forth these fallen warriors to see if the People of Mitgardia still remain strong.  They will make sure that we are still the wall that stands against the colds of the Frozen Beyond... and for that, he sends against us... THE ALGUS!!!"

As the hall roared, and Wulf leaped on the table with his axe shouting he would defeat them all, Hagen could have sworn he saw a flicker of malignicy in the Raven Statue`s eye...

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