woensdag 29 april 2015

Today`s Haul part 2

As promised, the more detailed pictures of a fantastic haul I did yesterday.

I went out with my mom for a mom / son afternoon...

...and we visited an auction house to have a look.  There my eye fell on a box of old toys, and it contained a Wildcat from MASK, 85% complete (I need to get the crane and the disks to complete it), so I decided to go into the bid wars.

I pulled it off for a good price, and bar the MASK Wildcat, it also contained half a Stiletto, a good beginning to complete that model as well soon.

The small heap bottom left was total ruins and went off into the garbage bag, and the small police helicopter is a gift for the kids of my sister-in-law.

But then, the research started... and I nearly fell of my chair.

The pile top right is a Super Sentai Spylas plane.  Unfortunatly the windshield has a crack and the stickers are worn out, but eBay searches list that one at around 50 USD still in that condition.  The same goes for the Maskman small scale `Big Five`, who misses his ejectable fists.

Then there is this little pull back robot, just a funny thing, but without any value.

Transformers Generation 1 then...

It contains this near complete Micromaster vehicle base (it misses a missile), as well as the complete sportscar turns base toy.  Those two together are worth a nice penny, being sold on eBay for around 75 USD for the both of them if I look at completed sales.

Also included is an accessory less, and no Buzzsaw, Soundwave, who still has a listing value of around 40 USD over the past 6 months

But how pretty is this Rodimus Prime, his colours and decals are in a great state for a 30 year old toy found in a box of random stuff.  This guy in this condition is often seen at around 70 USD.

But here are the real treasures: from the old Super Sentai series (the pre-power rangers) comes the Maskman Turbocharger, complete with his 5 auxiliary vehicles and only missing his antenna.  Currently, eBay has one listed, damaged and without the beasts, at 185 USD...

And there is a childhood favorite of mine, the Machine Buffalo.  With his small companions, and his missile launchers functional AND with the small rockets included.  This one especcially made my day, because even though he is apparently worth around 100 dollars as well, I know have a good reference piece to make a Lego version of it one of the months / years...

All in all, a haul worth well over 400 USD, which is far more then what I actually paid for the whole shabang!

On a different note, I also bought these cool Batman foam deco`s for 6 euro, just because they looked cool to have the `Batman` one added to my build cabinet...

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