zaterdag 4 april 2015

Justice League vs Bizarro League

A nice little gift the GF brought along from the supermarket today, where she found a copy still of the latesy Lego movie WITH figure.

Based on their DC line, this is a 47 minute long animated film featuring all the Lego heroes from the DC line (well, most of them), tying in nicely with the characters they released in the 2015 wave of sets.

The box also comes with the limited edition Batzarro figure, the `World`s Worst Detective`, as Bizarro in the story tries to make copies of members from the Justice League to help protect his new home from Darkseid.

The story is big fun (and with Guy Gardner as the Green Lantern this time) with the underlying Batman vs Superman issues leading up to the DC movie next year as an (unintentional?) bonus.

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