donderdag 2 april 2015

Lego Dino-Rider

Pharah Ran-Tutnesses overlooked the sandy plains, as he considered the options.  He had at his disposal one of his most fierce beasts of war, the golden scarab had been inserted to empower his wand of mind control.  The beast would thunder onwards, scattering those in front of him.  Today, he would relive his glory of ancient days, today, he would be a Rider of Dino again!

Okay, I admit, this is seriously inspired by the 80s cartoon of futuristic warriors riding big dinosaurs, battling it out with laser cannons.

So when I wanted to build a Guerilla build for the Guilds of Historica Kaliphin chapter of book 2, I had this idea of intermingling fantasy and the cartoons into one.

I had one of the big Triceratops models at my disposal, so in style of the old series, I added some armour to the beast, a platform and a big gun... which in this case is a balista of course instead of a laser cannon.

For the crew, since I`m in the Desert King faction, I went for a mummy wielding one of those typical rods the egyptians carried long ago.

Forward, beast of destruction!!!

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