woensdag 1 april 2015

Today`s Lego Haul: a lot of freebies!

It is one of the final days local toy stores are running the easter bunny Lego promotion, so I had to hop by and get one quickly.

I know some Bart Smit stores already ended the action, but the one here still had it advertised, so the action is basically if you buy for 25 euro, you get an easter bunny set worth 10 euro on top.

Now, with the new Ninjago lines in store, there are some small sets I actually fancied.  Namely, the smallest two of the new wave, as they do not have some high tech vehicles, but DO have the anaconda warriors, ninja`s with usuable hair pieces and normal handy bricks for MOC`cing.

At 9 and 10 euro for them respectively, I took along one of the Sabretooth tribe packs as well, and I was set for the required minimum (and three fresh recruits for my Mitgardia force...)... so let the freebies rake up!

The first was of course the easter bunny.  A nice little seasonal set, being from the Creator line means it is just what everyone can use: basic bricks, and for me it is handy they are grey as well.  I also got the promo dvd of Ninjago with a few episodes of the new series (it`s the same one as the one with the Club Magazine this month) and a Ninjago poster. 

Always nice to have some freebies after all, and I never look a gifted horse in the mouth.

Add to that I crossed the street to visit the Kablamo! store, a small, mostly Funko orientated store to pick up an online purchase, and I found myself 6 small sets richer today.

And I *know* there is a delivery from Lego arriving any moment now, with the Elves new Bakery set (you know, `to give the line a try` *cough*) and the accompanying promo set.

But that`ll be for a post soonishly ;-)

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