zaterdag 4 april 2015

To Many Ice Diamonds!

My Store phase 3 for the Age of Mitgardia build, this one continues the tale that started with a small river merchant, then a shopping stall and now his actual store.

"This is bad", Ruprecht wailed.  "This is soooo bad.  if this keeps up, I`ll be ruined by the end of the year".

Carlina looked at him quizically.  Lately, her husband has been receiving shipment after shipment of what was once his most priced merchandise: Ice Diamonds, a rare sort of light blueish, glowing gemstones that where found in the high north.  She didn`t knew much about geology, but the things she did pick up left or right where that these stones are formed in the crusts of the enternal glaciers.  Goblins mine them, at the risk of their lives facing the harsh cold, and sell them to Ruprecht at premium charge.

But the past few months, it seems like they have found a mine filled to the brim with the stones.  They have been carrying them in by the chests, and apparently this is bad for business.  Her husband needs to honour a very expensive contract in exclusivity for the stones, but the rate he has to purchase them is far greater then the occasional stone he can sell to the townspeople in Merak.

"Maybe we should pack shop and move to the capital" he wailed... and at that exact moment, the door swung open and some goblin miners came in with a fresh case of ice diamonds...

For this build, I tried my hand for the first time in a MOC for an `open backside`.

The house itself was inspired by the style I saw in the Mozel valley last year when on a weekend there with the family, sporting flashy colours interwoven with soft pastels and woodwork.

Okay, and I tried to include a small piece of humour ;-)

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