zaterdag 4 april 2015

These are the Toys i`m looking for

Okay, sorry for the tongue in cheeck Star Wars reference, because Star Wars is that one thing I`m actually not looking for.

No, this list is all about the two vintage toy lines I`m trying to collect again to relive my childhood, MASK and StarCom.

While MASK is a bit easier (and more then a bit cheaper) then my favorite space guys, the first goals are the little magna-lock power deployed toys from Coleco.

The top of the list is of course, the mighty StarMax Bomber.  The main vessel of the good guys, and the one I`m trying to get together in my `bet`.

Because completing the bet succesfully, would also yield me number two on this list, Col. Dash Derringer.

Another neat little vehicle from the line is the M-6 Rail Gunner, the `sister vehicle` to the LaserRAT.  Piloted by Rick Ruffing, this is a high rising little car.

Talking little, the Mini Tank for the Shadow forces always had a certain cuteness to it.

But of course, the counterpart to the StarMax, the ShadowBat, is one other vessel I cannot stand to be missing out in the collection.

You might wonder why the exclusive mail away figure of Emperor Dark is missing here, but I *have* him, sort off.  I got my hands on a mint copy a few weeks ago, but I`m getting it as the anniversary gift from the GF next week normally...

The other line I`m so wild about, and always have been, is MASK.  A license on the rise lately (yeah, just my timing luck), they are far easier to find then StarCom as the line was more popular and well known over here, not to mention 25 years ago easier to get hold off in your run of the mill toy store.

The first one on this list is the Razorback from wave 3.  I`m rather certain I might get one before the end of the week, but as long as I don`t have him actually in my hands...

The other big one to get is the Stiletto from the final wave, where the vehicles split in two and they came with transparent clone projections to comand the second vehicle.  But this is the vehicle that includes Gloria Baker, the Shark will forever remain a missed model in the line...

The Jackhammer is another classic of the series.  The Ford Bronco piloted by Cliff had a rising back that contained a large turret, and was really sinister in the gleaming black colourscheme.

Volcano was a motorised vehicle, a monster truck rising and splitting to reveal a rotating turret.

The final vehicle of this `wanted` top 10 is the Wolf Beast, the main VENOM vehicle from wave 4 piloted by Miles Mayhem.  While I`m not that wild of it`s combat mode, the car looks awesome in it`s muscle mode...

So, those are the hunts, amongst others, that are at the front of my convention list for the year, but first, I`m going to make work of completing my Lego Tolkien sets though, as they are starting to become available in limited quantities as they will be retiring in all probability by the end of the year...

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