dinsdag 14 april 2015

Herding Camels

Another Guerilla attack for the Kaliphlim challenge, I took this opportunity to build something none violent.

Which is basically what those `guerilla` are all about after all...

The sun pounded down on Ahmed`s shoulders, as he traversed the long desert trail.  Ruined hieroglyph`s lined the path, and the roadsign was so bleached he had no exact idea how far it was to it`s destination.

But the Desert King needed more mounts to battle the opposing forces, who refuse his rightful claim to the lands.  After all, he IS the land.

Ahmed smiled at that idea.  When all usurpers to the reightful heir would be defeated, he might even become the Camel Master of the New Kingdom.

This is a build in which I really wanted to include the Lego camel figures, which I obtained recently through a local Facebook group.  It also gave me a chance to do something with my Pharaoh`s Quest and Prince of Persia elements from the recent years.

And it is a welcome change from building military orientated creations all the time ;-)

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