zaterdag 25 april 2015

Lego Book: DC Heroes Visual Dictionary

The latest book I`ve finished reading from DK Publishing, this one handles the early days of the Lego DC line, going right until 2012.

Okay, this means it `misses` a lot of the new figures in it that came out the last two years like Grodd, Sinestro etc...

But it does give a nice and clear insight into the earlier, Bat-Man focussed line of 2006, and the recent relaunch of the line from around 2012 when it kicked up a notch.

It has the traditional set overview, a minifigure image listing, which unfortunatly is a bit short due to the book running to 2012, and behind the scenes interviews and looks.

It also features a good section on the first two video games, and how TT went about creating the Bat-Man world in those.

And of course, it comes with a book only limited edition minifigure, which in this case is Bat-Man in his Electro suit, known from the 2nd video game.

Just a few more, and I have the Legobrary completed on the DK with minifigs books (Out of the head, I only think it`s the Chima one actually that I miss bar any upcoming releases).

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