dinsdag 14 april 2015

Platunumed: VITA Lego Ninjago Nindroids

Well, one of the `benefits` of being in the south of France and having to hide for the sun, is that you can log in some game hours.

And about right on time before the recent second Ninjago game arrived, I finally platinumed the previous one.

The structure of the game is like the ones that started with Marvel Superheroes, in that you have to complete 10 challenges per level, and by doing these you unlock other characters, mini kits, and red stones.

The game is a bit of a hybrid in that you have a character wheel which you can choose your character for in free play, but the rest of the wheel is made up randomly, so it is often not possible to get through and clean up levels in one go.

The levels are a mixture of about 1 to 5 of traditional play versus vehicle controlled levels, so that isn`t to bad.  And I recommend the `Golden Cycle` level to boost up your gold levels to purchase everything, even at `autopilot` with the x4 and x8 stones (you`ll probably get those as soon as regular play) combined with invunerability this level gets you around 2 mill per 3 minutes of doing nothing.

It does come with a `hub` where the store and the likes are located, as well as the Dojo where you get to do the almost as traditional survival trophies.

All in all, not the worst of the Lego games on the VITA system, and it comes with a lot of intersecting movie sequences advancing you through the storyline.

Now, time to get myself the second one I guess...

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