vrijdag 3 april 2015


Two fresh vehicles have been added to my MASK collection earlier this week, and they are in great shape.

Found on the evilBay, they are not boxed (which is something I don`t care about anyways, they are toys, they need to be played with) but more then decent for something labelled as `heavily played`.

The first one is one of the vehicles I always liked, the Hurricane from wave 2.  A 57 Chevy, this was Hondo`s second vehicle in the series, as his first one, Firecracker, got destroyed.

It`s transformation causes it to raise itself and get a third pair of wheels, while a big cannon comes out of it`s front.  The roof houses another small gun and from the rear a saw portrudes.  The back wheel can launch off as well.

The second vehicle is the Iguana from the third, or `Racing`, series.  This small quad, piloted by Lester Sledge, has it`s front opening to reveal guns and a saw arm, while the seat pulls up to get the driver in a standing instead of sitting position.

Both are some great additions to my collection, and one step closer to completing it all!

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