vrijdag 17 april 2015

Paper Beats Scissors

The final MOC I managed to complete this week is my entry for Warzone 11 of the Kaliphlim challenge in Guilds of Historica.

In this challenge, participants needed to portray a duel between champions of the various factions on a 12x12 baseplate, and overlooked by one of the `Cresentthorn Elves`.  The setting?  The Withering Woods, location of the awesome Lego wargame that took place there last year.

Princess Elryia, better known as the `Sand Cobra`, made her way through the foliage of the Withering Woods.  She was on a mission to recover the Tablet of Ankh-Mun, a relic lost there during the immense war that raged in the region now a year ago.

The tablet was rumoured to contain information her liege, the Desert King, could use in his rise to power and claim the lands of Kaliphlim for himself again.  She had met up with the local Cresentthorn Elves, and they had told her where the tablet supposedly rested.

What they hadn`t told her though, was that a mighty warrior from Ulandus was also on the search, probably in an effort to thwart her lord.   When she reached the clearing, the armoured man was waiting and drew a nasty looking sword.

Raising it to an attack position, Elryia saw one of the elves appear in the clearing as well, nodding his approval to the duel to be unfolded before him.

"I don`t have time for this' she thought, as she raised her staff to the sky and channeled the energy of the sun.  A moment later, a bolt of arcane energy spewed forth from her fingertips, balsting the no doubt honourable, but totally unsuspecting warrior of his feet.

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