dinsdag 28 april 2015

Classic Build: Harry Potter Flying Lesson

As could be seen on the BrickMania Wetteren report last week, the GF bought some `used but complete` sets of the original Lego Harry Potter line.

Of course, they needed to be checked and build to see if they where indeed complete before the Smurf gets them, so i sat down and put them together, and for today`s classic build I`m starting with the smallest of the lot: 4711 - Flying Lesson

This set is basically all around two minifigures on their flying brooms and then some parts.

These figures are Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

The included build itself is rather simple, as it is a storage cart for the broomsticks.

Adding the wheels and some grills, the cart is already completed.

It`s a nifty little set, and truth to be told, I ain`t "into" the whole Harry Potter thing.  But after Antwerp Convention two days ago, I have taken it to myself to both read all the books and watch all the movies at last.

Why?  Because in 2016, I want to take along a MOC based on the Hogsmeade village, as seen in the Lego video games.  Clearly, Pottermania is rising again since the announcement of the new movies and the appearance of the fresh short stories, so that might attract some attention on that sort of events...

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