donderdag 2 april 2015

Building my Family`s Christmas Gifts

Okay, so I didn`t actually snatched away their gifts to build them, I just made sure I had a copy myself.

These are those small polybags the local supermarket often has at discounts and I pick up a whole box by then, and during the holidays, I gave one of these each to some people in the family as a small attention.

The first, the Creator cute kitten, was given to the GF by the Smurf.  I had heard her talking about how cute she actually found it, so okay, se says, we remember and provide ;-)

Opening the bag, we get a nice selection of predominantly grey elements.

Kitty has a white chin, as the first thing we build up is the head. 

Looking at how it is angled and build up, we now also know where the Chima Legend beast ideas came from ;-)

The main body is short to give the impression that like a real kitten, it has a really big head.

A white pointed tail and white `socks` for it`s paws are then attached.

And as we put the head to the body, the first of the two sets I`ll be doing today is complete. 
It also leaves us with a nice stack of extra pieces to boot.

The second set I`m tackling is this Lego City police vehicle.  I gave this to my brother in law, who is in law enforcement as my yearly `hehehe` gift.  He actually quit enjoyed building Lego, as he had actually never done that before, and I already saw the horror in my sister in laws eyes, fearing I had just created a monster... or an AFOL.*

Tearing open the bag, we get the usual amount of about 50ish bricks, and this set comes with a minifigure in the form of a police officer.

He actually has a pretty cool printed torso with the sheriff badge and all.

Based on the blue and white chassis, this atv comes with a high build up to comfort the big wheels later on.

The officer`s gear and the steering wheel are added next.

The wheels are then added, as are the police lights.

Putting the officer at the wheel, the set then stands completed.

But it has only a small amount of extra parts...

And so we have it, two small sets I gave to people as well during the 2014 holiday season (backlog? what backlog?  at this rate, the Guardians I bought in january will be featured in june...), something I tend to do often for non Lego people, just for coolness sake or a cute little sidegift (Nemesis also got a set, a TIE Microfighter, but I didn`t had it double to feature it as well... yet).

Next thursday, there won`t be a build report as I`ll be lying on my lame butt in the south of France, hopefully getting some of my books done.  But after that, I`ll be back with a few big sets to report on their builds, starting with something rather nifty ;-)

* to date, he is still resisting it, but his 5 year old is totally intrested in Lego, so it won`t take long anymore...

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