donderdag 23 april 2015

Building the History of F1

Okay, normally another build had been scheduled for today, but I am SO happy I got this set two days ago, I just wanted to feature it first.

On BrickLink, you don`t find this set under 30 euro, which is a bit steep for a Barrichello minifig, but in Oost Duinkerke I found it for it`s original retail price of 8 euro...

Set 8389 is from the Racers Ferrari licensed line, and it is most intresting in that it features both Michael Schumacher and his loyal side-kick Rubens Barrichello, the sympathetic brazilian, in their often seen 1 - 2 position during Michael`s dominant years.

The set features a small podium, a large trophy and 2 minifigs, together with a highly detailed sticker sheet.

Rubens and Michael with their excellent printed helmet art.

The podium of course is a rather simple build, starting on a grey baseplate.

White blocks make up the ceremomial steps, adorned with stickers.

Add to that two flags sporting the famous Scuderia logo.

And we get this excellent small podium, which now adorns my desk!

Ow, it even had a single extra piece to boot ;-)

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