donderdag 30 april 2015

Building Assassin Droids

What better build report to post up right before `May the 4th Be With You` then one of the older Star Wars sets no?

Set 8015, Assassin Droids Battle Pack, is a set from 2009 and one of the few that contains the metalic coloured droid bodies.

Opening the box, we get 2 bags of parts and the instruction booklet.

First things first, the minifigures.  being an `army builder` set, it contains 2 black and 3 metallic droids, not to shabby!

The vehicle build, a sort of speeder, starts on the basis of a long 2x12 plate.

Adding the necessary `technic hole` bricks for inserting the sides in later on, it uses two antennas to form the forward array.

The seatings and bodywork parts are then slowly build up.

Two side pods, using the softer `rubbery` spike pieces, are then build and attached to the side.

Finally, the sides are closed up and the speeder bike is completed.

Like almost every set, we get a heap of extra pieces as well.

Now, the build is rather simple, but for the limited price tag that was on this set years ago, we do get 5 figures, but what is more important, some `not to common` pieces in intresting colours, like the metallics, the black droid arms (great for making fences), and the soft plastic pieces.

May the Force be with you, young Padawans!

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