woensdag 29 april 2015

Today`s Haul part 1

A little order from BrickForge fell in the mailbox yesterday containing another heap of loose parts.

Now I`m a fan of their `30s under 30` programme, in which they sell off parts at serious discounts.

This program consists of a heap of end of the line (molds where down and such) elements, all of whom are being sold under 0.30 USD, and this is the third time I took advantage of it. 

Usually ordering for an amount of 10 USD (the required minimum), this gives me a nice range of parts to add that little difference left or right in my builds.

And you always get some extra pieces, this time it included the awesome Viking helmet...

But why part 1?  Because tonight I`ll be posting the pictures of a HUGE toy haul full of valuables I got yesterday...

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