woensdag 1 april 2015

Aldnoah Zero second season

Do not try to fight an Olympian sandstorm.

I loved the original show, and especially it`s hard and bloody ending, which was totally unexpected...

... and totally undone in the new series.  Everybody did survive after all.

Now, the war between the Vers Empire and the Earth`s forces of UFE is in full swing.  Slaine is rising in power as it is revealed that not only did he save the now catatonic Asseylum, but also the count Saazbaum.  Together, they are using the princess`s halfsister Lemrina to manipulate the war.

But it is all a rouse by Slaine, who through various machinations is ascending through the ranks to become the sole overlord, ruling from the moonbase, while being opposed by Inaho (now with a bionic eye) and the crew of Deucalion.

The series is raw and hard like the first one, and it is great to see how some real life physics like inertia are being taken in account in the space episodes and battles.  And the designs of the mecha`s, especially the unique kataphrakts of the Orbital Knights, remain pretty outlandish yet awesome.

All in all, it is a series almost as good as the original season, but, well, like I began this piece with... it would have been legendary had it indeed ended there, now I just rate it as `you MUST watch that`...

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