zondag 5 april 2015

Classic Build: Space Dozer

I found this one a few weeks ago in the local second hand shop for 4.50 euro, which is not super cheap, but still around the lowest BrickLink prices without shipping.

A blast of the past, I know I had one of these myself in my younger days, so I really did enjoy rebuilding this little sci-fi buldozer, before disassembling it again and sorting it into my parts containers.

Set 6847 is the equivalent of current day small boxed sets that would go around 8 to 9 euro like the recent Ninjago small ones.

It comes with one of the real classic spacemen, the yellow suited guy whom in popular (Star Trek inspired...) mediums means he is part of the engineering arm of classic space.

The base for the dozer is a small plate with connectors for his equipment, and two axle connected technic bricks.

These are put on top and the dozer shovel is then attached, allowing it to drop down between the front of the two long bricks, while the engineers seat is added to the back.

The necessary computers are then added for operating the vehicle, and some heavy duty looking exhausts for powering the vehicle forward.

Put together some equipment and the antenna, attach the tyres, toss in some yellow 1x1s to represent dug op ores, and we have a completed classic space set.

A nice trip down memory lane, and the last post I`ll be doing for over a week, as I`ll be off on vacation to France in a few hours, admiring typical french sightseeing events...

... and hunt for Lego and vintage toys wherever I go!

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