woensdag 15 april 2015

Building a big dino

This week, I`m sharing the build report of set 5885, the Triceratops Trapper, from the previous range with Lego dinosaurs.

With Jurassic World at the horizon, Lego dino`s will become a focus again, but the line from around 2010 contained some mighty impressive beast models as well.

This is also the one I used for my triceratops mount MOC from a few weeks ago, and opening the box, we get the a fair amount of numbered polybags to build the vehicle, and some unnumbered ones that make up the beast itself.

Though the set comes with two `hunter` minifigures, the star is of course the big triceratops model itself.

But there is of course also the big cage transporting vehicle.  The first thing we are going to be putting together is the Triceratops cage.  This is based on a set of 3 times the 6x10 plate upon which we will be expanding.

Then the raised cage sides are put on the plates and bordered up.  It also contains the raised entrance with warning lights.

Next, the chassis of the large wheeled vehicle is on the menu.

Using a technique recently re-used in Benny`s Spaceship, you get to build some square frames that are connected to each other with Technic elements.

Once this frame is completed, it is time to build the bodywork upon this.

The yellow flat tiles are to mark the area where the cage will be sliding onto the vehicle.

Reinforcements are added for the front and sides of the vehicle.

The driver`s cabin then gets build on the front of the framework.

Big wheel caps are then bridging the framework sides.

Next, we close of the driver cabin and the large wheels are added to the axles.

The model is then completed, and we can slide the cage onto it`s back...

The build itself is a bit two fold for me.  I bought two of these big boys as they where in a store at a heavy discount past winter, and soley for the beasts.  I have by now traded the minifigs for others, and the car parts have been sorted into my part boxes to be long forgotten where they originated from, but the big beast remains impressive.

I also refrained from using the decals because I knew it wasn`t to become a display piece, but it was an intresting build in the framework parts.

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