zondag 1 januari 2017

The Haul Report #62

Let me use this very first post of 2017 to which you all a Happy New Year, and may all your geeky dreams come true!

Today`s Haul Report is a bit of the "oversight" of my lovely christmas gifts, and I`d like to thank the family once more for all the lovely gifts.  

But first, I bought a new 2017 Wall calendar, as the Lego ones this year are utter cr*p to write in those small squares they provided, due to having 2 months on one page system.  Less coupons, more space next year again please.

From one of my Lego buddies, I received a bottle of cava and a Star Wars polybag... whomhave been duly distributed as the kid wanted that X-Wing, and the GF assaulted the booze.

On the first of two celebrations, Saint Nicolas had brought me a nice bar of nougat from France ;-)  Santa was generous as well, as some vouchers, a mobile charger keychain, a 900ml coffee mug (my sister in law thinks I have something with coffee), and the only piece of Lego I actually got for the holidays.

At my parents place, the stack was my much-coveted Mini NES console, the 365 days Lego book, a dishbrush and a coffee mugholder.

Superb superb superb, and many thanks everyone!

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