maandag 30 januari 2017

Inspirational Lego # 107

Hey all, here we are again with another collection of "wooooow" pictures from builds found on the internet.

And I hope you will enjoy the varied collection once again.

First of all, we have this X-Wing... Benny style!  Now talk about a real spaceship!

The roses on this brides bouquet are truly great pieces of work.

If you ever get to Sao Paolo, Cristo Redentor will loom over you.  But if you don`t go there, at least you can enjoy this Lego build version.  Now how cool would this be as an Architecture set?

A really colourfull vignette for the CMF female space ranger, that creates a Friends like feel with all the pastel and bright colours.

A fantastic looking medieval dockyard from the Lands of Roawia online RPG.

This is a creepy build showing the well known scene from horror classic The Exorcist.

Talking horror, I would be horrified indeed if Godzilla himself would run rampage through my town!

Also black, but then of an unprecedented beauty, is this classic Lotus 72D formula 1 car.

The Disney minifigures are a hit, and this is a great scene made with them from Alice in Wonderland.

We started this episode with a spaceship, so we`ll end it as well.  The Omega Destroyer from babylon 5 has always been high on my favorites list (both on television and in wargaming) and this Lego rendition is just an amazing piece of work.

Well, that`s it again for this week.  Next week I`ll be doing a Batman special, as the The Lego Batman movie will come out then.

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