donderdag 23 augustus 2018

Altar of Slaanesh

Well, I finished my "trophy rack" for 8th Edition, a statue dedicated to the Prince of Pleasure, Slaanesh.

The goal?  To put a memento of every army I beat in single player games with one of my Slaanesh forces (be it the Emperor's Children, Slaaneshi Daemons or Traitor Knights) in Warhammer 40k and it's derivates (like Kill Team) on the base.

I`ll be painting up the memento's in the colours, or approximation thereoff, of the forces I faced, in the hope of filling up the base nicely during 8th edition.

The pillared pieces around the base are for "special" occasions, like perhaps should I enter the tourney games scene again for example and actually win something, then they will be placed on one of those "honour piles".

As such, I`ll be ordering probably some loose bits each month and add them to the base, updating it on the Battle Stats page as well as a result.  Which will be the location where this altar will be pictured permanently from now on.  For now, rummaging through my own boxes, I could already add memento's for the battles against the Space Wolves, Iron Warriors and T'au Empire.

At time of writing, I played 11 games, of which 8 wielded memento's to be added to the altar in Warhammer 40k.

For Slaanesh!

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