zondag 26 augustus 2018

Kill Team: Emperor's Children vs Death Guard

Past saturday there was an extra opening day at TSA and the yearly barbeque, and me and Nemesis took this opportunity to try out the Kill Team game.

Yes, mine are basic Chaos Space Marines, but I refuse to call them anything else then Emperor's Children, nah!

Okay, and we probably got some things wrong, as we played learning the rules on the go...

My team consisted of an Aspiring Champion, a Heavy Gunner with heavy bolter, a Sniper Gunner with plasmagun, a Zealot with bolt pistol and chainsword and a Marine with bolter.  To bulk it out, there was also a cultist contignent of a champion with shotgun, a heavy stubber and 4 cultists.

Nemesis brought his Deathguard with a Champion, a Combat specialist with heavy cleaver, a Gunner with heavy flamer and a Marine, joined by 2 Poxwalkers.  And with these guys ignoring first fleshwounds on top of their T5 and Disgusting rules, they are even MORE irritating to put down then their 40k equivalents.

The table was set up using the MDF scenery the club bought past Crisis.

We went for the very first Open Play mission in the book, Aerial Strike, and I came up as the defender.

With both forces deployed, I'm in for a job of 5 turns trying to prevent the Nurgle forces of smashing the three objectives scattered on the table.

My forces started by solidifying their positions around the objectives, in an effort to put down any Nurgle troops strolling into sight.  The Sniper plasmagunner took down one of his Specialists first, netting me a first point.

But retaliation was swift, as the cultist champion was taken out of action, swiftly followed by a regular cultist.

But at the end of the turn, I was 1-0 in the lead.

On turn 2, my forces manouvred for better firing lines, but the toughness and rules of the Death Guard made my shooting next to useless, while duo of poxwalkers locked the heavy bolter in combat.

The Marine took one of the walkers out of action, but was as such stuck with the other one, who then destroyed the nearby objective 3 and bringing the followers of Papa Nurgle on a 1-2 lead.

Turn 3 is on, and my Zealot charges the Aspiring Champion lurking under the platform, while the Cultist rushed the second poxwalker and took it actually out in one heroic, bayonet driven charge.

The Zealot however made a perfect fool of himself, getting squished to a pulp by a powerfist after missing with all his attacks, and giving Nemesis another point.

The result at the end of the turn being that the Death Guard is now in a 1-3 lead.

The champion then came up on the platform, and rushed the heavy stubber who has been shooting paintball bullets all the time it seemed.

In the meantime, the heavy flamer took down the heavy bolter before it had a chance to open up, yielding yet another point to Nemesis.

The poor cultist never stood a chance, and was flattened swiftly as well.

It now stood 1-4 for the Death Guard, and with his forces closing on the second objective it might become a close call to keep them off.

His heavy cleaver charged my Aspiring Champion, though his Champion failed his charge.  I then used a demonic host stratagem, but it only caused a flesh wound on the combat specialist.    On the same manner the plasmagunner, lining up close and overcharging his rifle on his champion, only managed to do the same.

The combat turned out to nothing, and he failed his roll to take down objective 1, so I got to add 4 points for two non-destroyed targets and lifting me to a 5-4 victory.

It could have gone totally different in the last turn, as either he could have destroyed the target for 2 points, or me taking out his two specialists for 2 points... close call in either direction.

Questions to look up

* Is there a sight arc, because under movement it says that models in order to ready can't even pivot, but there is nothing about arcs in the book as we looked around for.

* Can you destroy the objectives even locked in combat?  The scenario at least doesn't say it isn't possible.

But in the end, with a lot of searching after rules and seeing how the game went, it took us about an hour and a quarter to play; so once we have the rules under the knee, these short games should be good "evening fillers".

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