vrijdag 31 augustus 2018

What I painted in August 2018

With the first of two holiday containing months behind me, lets look back at which figures are added to the painted collection none the less.

So it was a calm month due to that, but at least I got some things done...

The first of them is a model I always loved, Sophia Illmora of the Anima Tactics line, who will be part of my Heretics and Renegades detachment of Slaaneshi forces.  I just think she is one of the coolest figures I ever possessed to be honest, as she has that great anime feel...
Slaanesh be pleased this month, as I finished the Altar Terrain piece, on which I will be adding memento's from forces I`ve defeated in games with my Slaaneshi forces.

Next some scatter terrain and objective markers, nothing special at all but you just need to have those little thingies anyways in your games.  A lot of them are for Burrows and Badgers, a result of some demo table building me and Noshi did this month.  Because the 29th of september, we will be presenting the game at our clubs Open Day.

Talking scenery, I also restored two of those ruined aquarium ornaments I gotten a while back for use in Burrows and Badgers, and about that game, the first of the figures I have has been completed as well, a Pirate Shrew from their range as well as the very characterfull Mole priest.

Noshi also completed her first house of the Warbases.co.uk range, the Timber Barn.  She made some nice touch ups to the MDF model, adding wooded roofing and all.
Another "classic" piece painted up, this old Gondorian ruin by Games Workshop has also been completed.
After sitting in my "to do" pile for nearly 6 years, as I got it at Crisis 2012, this large ziggurat piece has been finished as well.

Of course, we also needed a mouse like figure for the scenario objective, and we settled on perhaps the most famous rodent in the world...

Softplastic figures from the local supermarket collecting action, these little guys are ideal NPC`s for use in Burrows...

The final additions for this month is Mercator, one of our Crisis figures from the past shows, and Decoster, who was our figure back in 2015.

And that`s it for this month, a total of 27 figures painted this month in the end, in no small part thanks to my beloved partner Noshi who helped out a lot.  September will be calm as well with the Mallorca holiday on the horizon, but afterwards I`ll try and pick up the pace some more again.

To bring more Burrows and Badgers to the table, in order to get that demo game going!

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