zondag 26 augustus 2018

TSA Clubevening of the 24th of August 2018

While I was facing of the green horde myself this evening, other games where also in full swing, so let's have a look at what went on...

Well, it was seemingly "40k night", as in a very busy club setting, no less then 6 battles where being fought.

The Imperial Guard took on the Tau Empire with big machines.

More Tau took to the field in a battle against the Harlequins.

Ultramarines faced off against the Guard as well on another table.

Khorne and Nurgle deamonic hordes clashed over the wastelands.

And finally, Imperial Knights faced the Custodes...

But of course, there was more to do this evening, as an ACW battle raged on.

Modern zombie hunt was represented as well with the raid in a small suburbian region.

Scenery was being prepared, while other members took to the brushes to expand on their collections.

Boardgames where limited tonight to a single table.

While the Heroquest dungeoneers struggled on in their never ending quest for gold and glory.

The 9th age saw two fantasy armies clash.

 Sailing action as Trafalgar was put through it's paces.

Mighty armies prepared for battle as the muskets where loaded.

While the roleplaying adventures where going on as well.

So as you see, busy night this week, and an immense difference compared to a few weeks ago as the summer holidays come to a close...

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