dinsdag 21 augustus 2018

Restoring a demo board

As you might have seen in the haul report a short while ago, I refurbished an old broken TSS tile from the club.

The goal for the board is to make a Burrows and Badgers tile from it for the TSA Open Day on the 29th of september, where Noshi and me will be demonstrating the game of Antromorphic Animals.

To that end, the first thing to do will be to refill and repair the two cracked parts on the tile, being the damage to the side of the waterway, as well as the cracked off corner.  Now, this polystyrene isn't to handy to work with, but I'm thinking of making a sand and pva mix and with a frame solve it like that, then file it smooth in the end.

The river and the road will then be repainted using the airbrush, and the end of the road near the waterways have to be widened.  This will be done by scraping off some of the flock, in order that the widened part can "flow over" smoothly in a bridge that I'm building as well, an old resin model from Gauthey's Miniatures I dug up again.

Noshi in the meantime will be helping in preparing the board by finishing some dark age houses, while the rest of the aquarium scenery will be restored to fill the board as well.

But there is more.  The underside of the board I'll be airbrushing in bone with the jade green like my Emperor's Children bases, so that it can also double as a display base for a 40k Slaanesh force when I ever should decide to enter Armies on Parade, perhaps even this year to be honest just to see what that is all about as I keep popping along things about that event scrolling the internet.

Let's see if we can pull this all off...

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