maandag 6 augustus 2018

Ruined Archway Tower

The first of the aquarium ornaments I got in the beginning of june to be touched up, the Arched Tower is the smallest of the three I got back then.

Made in a sort of plaster with soft interior, made to resist submergens, most of the work was painting up the holes broken open.

Now ready to stand on the battlefield when me and Noshi tackle Burrows and Badgers, the tower is about 12 cms high and makes a nice piece to fight along.

Next I`ll be tackling the bigger tower and the castle over the coming months, as these models are great "in between" things to work on while for example inks are drying or the weather should cool off in order to get airbrushing again in the way to hot garage.

And at 1 euro and an hour of touching up, this was a real bargain building!

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