donderdag 23 augustus 2018

Milla the Mole

The first of a heap of soft plastic figures I collected through the local supermarket chain Delhaize, Milla is becoming an NPC civilian in my Burrows and Badgers setting.

I love the game, set in a medieval England, but to litter up the table, these models where just fantastic.

They could be obtained by either paying 1.50 euro (you got to choose your figures) or like me, by using the left over cards that came in pouches of stickers (like Panini stickers) once the little nephew had the full collection.  All in all, I have a bit more then a dozen of the figures, picking out the ones with suited medieval clothing.

The soft plastic doesn`t have to much texturing though (it`s a Clix like material), so details have to be painted on like fur and such.  The good thing is they "take' paint better then the old Clix figures.

It`s a cute little model, and one that will look all cute on the tabletop...

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