donderdag 9 augustus 2018

Back to Pokemon GO

Well, in a way it was unavoidable, but bar a few days a year after I tossed my last pokeball, I reinstalled the game.

You see, Noshi tended to play it as well, and with our visit to an anime store in Antwerp, where I obtained some Pikachu cookies, we decided to start again.

So powerbanks are dug up and new additional ones ordered, and the coming weeks we will be taking our game along on our evening strolls in search of missing beasties.

Which are a lot with the new Hoenn region now in the game...

Nearing lvl 29 now, that means lots of walkies to get that Dratini to a Dragonair at last for starters, while clocking km's for the physique as well...

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