zaterdag 25 augustus 2018

Emperor's Children vs Orks: 1500 points battle report

The third game against Orks in this edition of 40k, but a first time opponent in 40k, as I played Mike only in Age of Sigmar multiplayers before.

Now, due to a very, very insame busy week at work, I never got round to pack up a fresh army, so the forces that faced the Harlequins two weeks ago had to see and solve it.

Which wasn`t that opportune, as they lacked any serious punching weapons, and I know Mike loves big things in his force.

So when I saw his army, that was confirmed.  Flash Gitz, a grot tank, the little knight-like monster,  a dakka jet, killa kans, a weirdboy with a shock gunn and a big mek as a warboss...

... and these awesome commando's!

I actually outnumbered his force with 3 to 1, so that is not that good looking for my odds...

The scenario for tonight was Cleanse and Capture, so we started setting up our forces.

I failed to seize turn 1, and the Ork horde rumbled forward, his dakka jet leading the assault.

Some shooting went on, and at the end of turn 1, we had a 2 - 2 score each on the board.
His plane, heavily damaged, sped alongst my line, but in a mistake he decided to shoot at my Noise Marines first, who as a result took down the jet.

The cultist unit, heavily mauled, was Tide of Traitored and appeared on the flank of his Flash Gitz.  Combined fire of the Quad rapiers and two squads took down this unit before they became to much of a problem with their mass firing.

And as a result, I took the lead this turn with a 2 - 5 score.

My Raptors arrived at my third turn, after he unfortunatly forgot to deploy and as such loose his commado`s (normally, I would allow it to put them on anyways, but we agreed to "train" for the upcoming club league and as such that rule was in place), in a rather vain effort to stay and safeguard the objective 5 against all his tank-y walk-y fire and close combat power.  His turn was rather uneventfull for the rest hence why it jumps in one way to mine.

On the other flank, the remnants of my Possessed, my Apostle and some cultists charged in against the unit of Killa Kans, against better knowing.  because heck, those pocket dreads are damn hard.

End of turn 3, and it reads 5-6 on the scorebord now, with his flank of kans blocked and the Orks actually moving backwards.

The mech charges the Raptors and duly dispatches them after receiving some healing from his Mek, forcing me to give up Objective 5 in all probability.  On the other flank, the Kans are tearing through my speedbump as well.

A Marine squad arrives at the ruins near objective 5 and dispatch the big walker aided by supporting fire, but unfortunatly fall just short to control it and snatch the objective after all.  But in the penultimate turn I`m 5 - 9 in the lead, though I am in a bad place, as he has a lot of "defend" cards in front of him on the objectives he actually controls.

Lucius whips his forces forward, as this might become the last turn and I need to grab points.  His Mek had moved on the 5th objective, and he secured this, together with a secure objective 1 and a defend objective 1 amongst and an advance card, Mike catapulted to a 10-9 score in his turn.

His warlord needed to die, aka the big Mek, and my firing took out the nearby Grot tank.  The Quads openened up on him, causing 23 hit, 14 wounds but he saved... 10 of them.  One hit point remaining, and as such no slay the warlord and Kingslayer objectives scored.

It stood 10 - 9 for the Orks now, and I hoped he would roll the 3+ for an extra turn, as that would mean his warlord would go and grabbing me the victory.

Unfortunatly the roll came up as a 1, and the game ended, yielding me another point for Linebreaker and pulling a draw out of the game.

All in all, a good result as I was severly lacking one or two lascannons or so to do some heavy hitting, heavy wounding on the mechanized force across the board, but no offering to the Altar of Slaanesh was made today.

Great game Mike, and I look forward to when we face off against each other on the table again in the future!

Though I guess Quad Rapiers are now very, very high on his "to hit asap" list...

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