dinsdag 28 augustus 2018

Gondorian Ruins

Another piece of scenery I painted "just in case" for the Burrows and Badgers table, though it probably won`t be used this time round, is one of the old Gondor ruins.

I still had this lying around after all those years, and while I lost the small walkway piece for the corner, it remains to me one of the most beautiful pieces of scenery GW ever produced.

The simpleness of being just a corner, coupled to the intricate design of the pillars and archway, makes these small thingies just look fantastic, and I`ve decided to be on the look out for those little models whenever I come across them on Bring and Buys.

And try to resist buying the new game when it comes out again, as while it remains Tolkien, I have no opponents for this at TSA unfortunatly... a "pain" I felt ever since the very first edition came out...

Or perhaps...

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