woensdag 8 augustus 2018

I joined a book chain

It's a fun thing through Facebook.

One of my old TSA and Far Side buddies, Andy, started another book chain through Facebook.

Through that chain, you sign up voluntarily to send one book to a random stranger, who will then receive a book from you as well as your adress in the chain to whomever signs up and joins the project on your facebook wall.

That way, the chain spreads and people will get more and more books send around the world, giving you totally different things to read.  And to prevent resellers to stock up on books to fill their ebay stores, it is asked to write a small message on the inside of the book for the person you are sending to.

It's a fun little thing it seems, so I'm curious on who will be joining up for this and what books I might receive.  Just add me on Facebook if you want to join in then, and look for the specific post about it on my wall.

Now to pack up a book...

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