zondag 12 augustus 2018

The Haul Report 146

Another very varied week this time round, with the main "cup of tea" actually a bunch of freebies.

Because I obtained a lot of material to work on the Burrows and Badgers game me and Noshi will present on the TSA Open Day.

First of all, a lot more civilian figures from the Boerdereis action at the local Delhaize supermarkets.  This now gives me enough figures to "populate" the village area of the gaming tile.

Talking tiles, I also brought home the TSS tile from TSA to work with and make a demo table from.  The general idea is to have a village on one side, and the ruins of the castle at the other, seperated by a bridged river.

To that end, I also obtained some extra airbrush paints to work on the tile...

... which we can do with these japanese Pokemon cookies!

So a good loot week, mostly for a club-related project...

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