zaterdag 4 augustus 2018

Regicide! A Dux Britanniarum battle report

So it happened, I attacked my lord, David, in the Dux campaign at TSA.

Little did I know he would be attacked by a few others as well, but I wasn`t planning on holding any punches...

The scenario was Burn the Watchtower, which I defended already succesfully in the past a few times, while now finding myself in the shoes of the attacker.  Luckily, my deployment rolls made my arrive right next to the fort.

While my forces advanced slow and steady on the palissades, my cavalry raced of in order to distract his reinforcements when they would arrive.

The battle for the walls was remarkably short.  My lord with his warriors on the one side, and my noble with his levy and warriors on the other, quickly broke the defenders.  Losing their amphora, they where left scattered and broken inside while my troops scaled the wall.

The cavalry did it's job, drawing his mounted troops away from the walls until my forces had scrambled over it, and though they where severely beaten, this meant the massacre inside could begin.

Including his noble, all where decimated during the fighting, though he did survive in the post phase.

The tower was duly burned as the opposing forces withdrew, his cavalry not able to take over the fort again which I now controlled...

In the end phase, I obtained some more talents, pushed my prestige to 15, and gained two brave warriors who will boost my cavalry regiment back to 8 now.

So now my campaign month ends as other battles are still having to be fougth, and gives me time to do some 40k games, starting next week with Harlequins, something I never faced before...

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