dinsdag 14 augustus 2018

Jean-Baptiste Decoster, Crisis 2015 LE figure

The next of the entry figures I finished for our Crisis wargames show, Decoster was given out in 2015.

Being the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, it was only fitting a Napoleonic model was chosen, and who better then the unwilling guide of Napoleon.

Decoster was a flemish farmer, forced by Napoleon to guide him through the terrain to the well known battle.  Unwilling to do this, he wasn`t in a hurry to lead the french around.  After the battle, he bacame a battlefield guide at Waterloo.

The model was once again sculpted by Paul Hicks, and is shown in his regular farmer clothes.  i went for blue as one of the few remaining paintings of Decoster showed him in a blue outfit.

The model is also one of the very few we released with the word Crisis sculpted on it's base, together with the year the figure was handed out.

That now means I completed 11 of the 15 models we've done so far, time to move on to the next one it is...

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